Astrological remedies to make Rahu happy

How to make Rahu happy? And Astrological remedies to make Rahu happy

Everyone is scared of Rahu effect because it is said that whoever is under its effect faces various problems related to career, marriage, health everything. One thing everyone should know is that Rahu also affects positively if you face it confidently.

Rahu shows a positive effect on those who are hard working and always work in order to succeed. Here some of the points are discussed to make Rahu happy. You can make your Rahu positive and favourable for yourself and your family if you feel you are under its effect.

How to make Rahu Positive?

Every coin has two faces and so is the case with rahu also. It has both positive and negative effects. The positive effect of Rahu helps those who are working in sectors like civil services, politics, engineering etc. A person is said to have negative effects of rahu if he/she always gives excuses for all sort of thing when asked to do.

But after all, this also if the person works hard and tries to succeed then Rahu works in a positive direction and gives more power and energy to them. A guru will help you in succeed but if one does not have them then the picture can work as a shade and guidance of a guru and it will help in succeeding.

The children under the effect of rahu should get themselves busy in sports and the adults should in hard work.

One should follow the following steps if they are under rahu effect to make it positive:

  • For the individuals who are not able to concentrate on studies and have short temper should wear a blue thread with sandalwood tied in it. Also add Ashoka leaves, few drops of sandalwood perfume or oil to the water you are using to the bath.
  • Consume sandalwood juice early in the morning and avoid eating left over foods or late night eating.
  • You should feed fish and donate water and also 4 coconuts during Amavasya in the temple.
  • Also, feed yourself with coconut and its water.
  • Chant mantra to make rahu positive.

How to Make Rahu in your favour?

Basically rahu affects you because of the problems in your kundli and also because of the pitra dosh. The first and foremost thing one should do in order to decrease the effect of rahu is the greeting of their ancestors on a daily basis.

The cracks on the wall indicate that your house is under pitra dosh and your ancestors are still not free. This is because you are suffering from the negative effects of rahu. There are various procedures with the help of which you can make your rahu favourable. Follow all the remedies that have been discussed here like donating and enchanting of the mantras.

Consult our astrologer for further queries but it has been tried to cover all the effects and solutions of the rahu. If you are an individual who is not able to succeed in their career then all you need to is follow the remedies for rahu control and do a lot of hard work.

Rahu transforms from negative to positive for those who work confidently and are very devoted and laborious their work.

How to make your Rahu strong?

Your house is under the negative effects of rahu if nothing is going right. The negative effect of rahu will take away all your peace, unity and love from your family. You can match the symptoms here and check if your family is also suffering from this effect.

A lot of fights and chaos takes place, love vanishes and disputes take place on every small matter. The fight does not cover only the home but also the neighbourhood.  The walls of your room and kitchen have got cracks. Also, water will get collected in a few areas of your home. There will be a lot of filthiness in various areas of your home.

If you will plant any flower in your home that will also not prosper and will get dry after proper watering also. One more symptom of bad rahu is that after sunset you will feel dim lights in your home. It is not because of the lightning system because after proper lightning also this happens.

A lot of mishaps and fights will take place and that too on very small issues. No one would like to work with you. No matter how good salary or assets you are providing, your maids or workers will leave. This problem mainly attack people of age 35-40 and if your home is under Rahu attack then there will be a lot of money loss, almost every family member would have a stomach problem.

They will not able to do any creative work and will feel tired all the time. These problems lead to only failure and downfall. The Rahu needs to get in control if one wants to live happily and peacefully. For this, you should follow powerful remedies suggested by your specialist. If you feel these problems in your life or family then consult our rahu specialist and get the proper solution.

How to control Rahu?

Rahu can get in control by feeding the poor. You can control the adverse effects of Rahu by helping the people who are suffering from some skin problem or leprosy. Help the poor people in getting their daughter married. Also, it is advised to wear a Rahu yantra and also the reciting of “RAHU BEEJ MANTRA” the mantra should be recited properly and at proper frequency to get the desired effect. It is also advised to keep Saturday fast to control Rahu. For more queries and remedies you should consult our expert astrologer because Rahu dosh is a very serious issue and its effects are very malefic.

Rahu Remedies

There are various remedies one should follow for themselves for the rahu positiveness. Rahu can harm an individual also and the whole lot family. If an individual is under rahu effect then he/ she should do a lot of hard work to succeed and for their other life problems, the remedies have been discussed above. If your house is under rahu effect then one should follow these steps.

  • Take some mishri, black lentils, gomed stone, and some silver in a small white cloth together and either hang it at your home’s entrance or bury it at the entrance.*
  • You have to give respect to your ancestors and following this should do some charity on their name. Pitra dosh is one of the major reasons to have rahu effect. Respect them and greet them every morning. Also always write your ancestor’s name on the board of your home. It can be your grandmother, grandfather, mother, father anyone.
  • The east side of your home should be used most whether for sitting, sleeping or eating. Also, plant some flowers in the east.
  • Always make some arrangement for the birds on the east side of your home.

Rahu positive effects

If Rahu has negative effects then it also has positive effects. If rahu is in your favour then it will provide you with fame, prestige, popularity and power. Positive Rahu will fill you up with energy and positivity with both internally and externally insight. It will help you in getting success in every field you desire.

Updated: April 15, 2019 — 9:56 am