How do astrological remedies help to remove Manglik dosh?

What is Manglik dosh?

According to astrology, Mangal dosh in the horoscope is also called Manglik Dosh. Mangal dosh depends on the condition of Mars in the horoscope. People are frightened knowing that there is a Manglik dosh in the Kundli because its effect is extremely fatal for marital life. It is an inexplicable belief about the Mangalic defects that if they have this fault in their horoscope, they should marry only with a married life partner only then their marital life can be successful.

How does the Mangal dosh appear in Kundli?

Manglik dosh is the most effective defect. Mars’s position and vision both have antidote effects. Most of the effects of Mars defects fall in marriage relations. Therefore, it is important to think of Mangal defect during the Kundli match. The special effect of  Mangal in the Kundli at the time of birth produces Mangal defect.

When Mangal planet is located in the fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth place in the Kundli, the person is composed of Mangal defect. Being located in these places of Mangal means that there is a direct impact of Mangal on the wedding.

Affect of Manglik dosh in marriage?

Mangal planet is known as the God of war because nature itself likes to stay away from others. In the influence of this planet, the person remains angry, fighting, or fighting with disputes. The effective people of Manglik dosh, if they try to keep away from the disputes, but mostly by some others, some situations arise, due to which the person has to take angry decisions. These people are irritable and aggressive.

effect –

  1. Marriage delay
  2. Break up after the marriage is fixed
  3. Any kind of disruption in marriage
  4. After marriage, dispute with spouse
  5. There are many problems in marital life
  6. Person starts to feel angry without talking

Best and simple astrological solution to remove Manglik Dosh

The best and simple solution of the Mangal Dosha is that the Manglik person should marry only with any Manglik. By doing so, the impact on the marriage of Mangal dosh becomes very less.

If a Manglik person wants to marry a person of non-Manglik, then in such type of situation, that person needs to workship of ‘Pipal Tree’ and Mangal Yantra. If the mangal dosh is very high then that person should also need to marry ‘Piapl Tree’ and that they can marry their partner.

The chanting of Hanuman Chalisa is also beneficial.

Do the fast of every Tuesday and go to every Tuesday to Hanuman Mandir. By doing this, the effect of Manglik Dosh can be reduced.

Astrological remedies for Manglik Dosh

If you a person of Manglik dosh and want to marry with the non-Manglik person. Then in this situation, you can take the help of astrological remedies. Astrological remedies are very effective in this kind of cases.

Pandit Sumit Sharma is a famous Vedic astrologer. You can consult your problem to him. He will understand your root cause of Manglik dosh in your Kundli after that they will provide you with effective astrological remedies for you Manglik dosh removal.

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