Signs and Symptoms of black Magic – how to remove it

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What is black magic?

When asked to answer this question, people usually believe and reply that all magic is black magic.

But this is not true.

As the name implies, black magic is used for much darker reasons, often for the sole purpose of causing damage.

Black magic is real. It has existed for centuries, to know the signs and symptoms of black magic, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of this evil.

Black magic is a curse sent to other people by negative energies and evil spirits. Human beings use this curse or black magic on other human beings for personal reasons and revenge.

People often do this to get revenge on someone or if they feel envious and hateful towards a particular person. There are many signs and symptoms of black magic, but the effects of this magic on a person cannot be felt or seen with the naked eye.

Ordinary people do not have enough knowledge to understand the symptoms of black magic early enough. The victims of these black magic usually go through physical or psychological problems. People usually go to a doctor or psychiatrist to get a solution for black magic or curse. But doctors do not understand this and science does not have a solution for this.

Only the best astrologer who is an expert in dealing with black magic can understand and deal with it. This problem has been addressed in all the religions of the world, but before that, it is very important to have a solid knowledge of the symptoms of black magic.

Some of the important symptoms of black magic are:

●Weight problems – unexpected weight loss or weight gain

●Extreme headache for no apparent reason.

●The colours of the eyes turn grey.

●Problems in sleeping – lack of sleep or extra sleep

●Touch or feel extreme stress.

●Respiratory problems

●Feeling angry and angry for no reason

●Miscarriages in pregnancy

●Impotency in men.

●Loss of memory: important works or events of a forgotten life.

●The voice of the victim can change.

●The victim can not look directly into the eyes of others and is sometimes reflected in the mirror.

●He feels dizzy and tired.

●Drinking alcohol or smoking

●No luck in business in the form of financial loss.

●Problems in marital life.

●Hear voices

●Feel strange things around

●Bad luck follows them everywhere, etc.

If someone feels these signs, then they are symptoms of black magic and without wasting any more time, consult the spiritual healers and India’s best astrologer Pandit Sumit Sharma.

India’s best astrologer and spiritual healer

When you are looking for famous spiritual healers, you will probably find one of the many false ones. Today, all services are available in one click online from your smart device.

Like many other services, you can also find spiritual healers online. The main advantage of online services is that you can compare the types of spiritual healers by reading the comments and services offered on the site. In this way, you can read your negative comments and save yourself from the false ones.

Pandit Sumit Sharma is an expert and experienced astrologer, who has solved many cases of black magic and has several satisfied followers who believe in him.

Without proper knowledge and exposure, do not try to treat black magic on your own at home, as it can be very dangerous to control the victims and the negative energies. Do not use spells at home either, so it’s best to choose the right kind of spiritual healers.

India’s best astrologer Sumit Sharma diagnose all the signs carefully and treat it accordingly. While the false healers adopt the tortuous ways of dealing with black magic what was used centuries ago. He uses safe methods to get you rid of the black magic.

Black Magic and its symptoms

Black magic is a type of negative energy that enters the human body and interrupts the proper functioning of the mind and soul.

It is called black magic because this energy is transmitted to another person without permission. Black magic not only ruins a person’s life but also has a significant impact on the life of a person involved in this activity.

Black magic is not supported by Indian mythology and has not received support, but because of the personal benefits and the feelings of jealousy they use this black magic and by the person who is practising it also suffers.

●This activity is performed by a specific person called “Tantrik”.

●Tantrik is supposed to be the master of this activity and actually forces the evil souls to work for him.

●He is a person who accumulates negative energy and uses it for inhumane work.

●Tantrik is the only person who can really see ghosts and souls. He has a very difficult life.

●They can not eliminate the problem permanently, but they only put their pile of problems on someone and, in return, they have a strange life, of course, the money is also there.

●The Tantrik invites the soul to a defined duration and offers him alcohol and meat, then use these evil souls to perform black magic.

●Black magic can be performed using the garment that the person is wearing, hair, teeth or anything that is in contact with the body of the victim.

●The victim of black magic behaves strangely and remains aloof

●He will always be annoyed and nervous.

●The nails will turn black.

●There will be regular shoulders and head pain.

●The victim would hate to take a bath.

●The eyes will be red.

●The victim will not be hungry.

●You can notice the artificial movement of body parts, such as the continuous stretching of the fingers or biting the nails each time.

●If you have a Tulsi plant at home, it will burn suddenly and will not grow until the effect of the black magic is there.

These are the main symptoms that can give you a glimpse of the victim of black magic. If you notice more than 4-5 of the above symptoms, there is black magic.

Remedies of black magic:

Every Monday, take the “Bilva Patra” leaf, place them on Shivling in the temple and, while pouring water, chant the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra 9 times. If you can do 108, it would be very effective. Singing Gayatri Mantra 108 times during sunset will keep you away from Black Magic Always.

While chanting of the mantra “Om Ham Hanumate Rudratmakaya Hum Fat” in the morning after bathing, pour oil on Lord Hanuman statue. This is highly recommended to protect yourself from black magic.

Burning dhoop guggal over cow dung will eliminate the effects of black magic and the person will become normal. You must also chant the Gayatri mantra in front of the victim of black magic.

Practising and suffering from black magic, both are very dangerous and can even take away your life. You should never practice black magic and if anyone is suffering from this evil curse of black magic, immediately consult India’s best astrologer, Pandit Sumit Sharma and get rid of it to lead a happy and peaceful life.

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